My First Blog (do you care?)

Facebook, twitter, flickr, whatever...There are so many ways nowadays of forcing your opinions in someones face and maybe thats an important part of todays society.  I think we were doing ok before but never mind.  You can even tell the world what eggs you had this morning or how hilarious it is that you are wearing odd socks.  I just don't care.  Ive never known why anyone would care about anything I have to say to be honest.  Now I know that this may sound a little hypocritical as I too have a Facebook account...a twitter instagram account.  All deemed pretty necessary for many career choices.  My point is that I've been reluctant to start blogging because theres enough out there to keep people busy and stop people from reading things that they really should be news.  But what I've realised is that people have a choice, and I really like that, people can do what the fuck they want on the internet - except people that are attracted to children, those people are genuinely dangerous to society and the internet - so if people want to read a blog they can.  Or if they get bored and want to click over to youporn they can do that too (if they are legal of course).  At least with a blog its just there, I don't read blogs about hats for pugs or gluten free bread.  I do read a blog about Arsenal FC because I want to.  So I'm going to blog every now and again. Mostly about art and stuff, I'm lucky that I get to visit a lot of places with some awesome galleries and stuff like that, pretty interesting huh?  If you are reading this then you probably know me, or you follow me on twitter or something...if you don't then why don't you?  I might not have anything interesting or worthwhile to say, but maybe thats ok, because you don't have to read it, and you don't have to give a fuck.